Friday, October 7, 2011

Happiness is...

Happiness is...take 2

...A reunion with my love after a month and a half apart and having so much fun we forgot to take pictures.

...Beating your boyfriends brother at fantasy football. Soundly.

...A respite at work after a rush of notes to open a show.

...Using your skills in craftiness for a good cause (more on sparkles, bras, and the Susan G. Komen foundation soon).

...Upcoming weekend road trip to Chicago with the roomies and visiting familiar faces.

...Best friend's wedding in 10 days and counting.

...Roommates leaving bananas to go bad so I have an excuse to make banana bread muffins.

...Growing your hair long to wear it curly (favorite!)...then cutting it all off and still loving it.

...Starting the count down to Christmas in October because it makes it so much easier to know when you'll be with family and friends again.

What is bringing you happiness this week?

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