Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feature on "Bridal Insider"

It was such a lovely surprise to find out that a Styled Shoot I contributed to in December has been published on Bridal Insider today.  The shoot has a "Sex in the City" theme (it never gets old!) and plays with a romantic, urban feel.  I was so excited that they were able to use one of my favorite designs that I call "Pink Champagne" because, well, thats what inspired them!  The shoot was styled by The Posh Knot out of San Diego and they did an incredible job!!

All of the photos were taken by the incredible Laura Christin
Stunning, right?  I love the clean white chair as a background!

Sweet Discotoes peeking out from under the dress!  I'm not sure that if the dress really is pink, but if so, the Pink Champagne shoes are SO much more perfect than I could have dreamed!!

See the entire post HERE including many more stunning photos and a full list of vendors.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Team Spirit from Head to (disco)Toe

I love football season.  I grew up in a family that places great value in a Friday night under the bright lights at Cub Stadium and Saturday afternoon with the Fightin' Texas Aggies.  Not only do I love the game itself, but I love the events that surround it.  The crowds of people, the food, and (of course!) dressing up with TEAM SPIRIT!  I know I'm not alone in mourning the long months that currently stand between me and the first game of the season in September but I think I've found something to help brighten the outlook.

 Custom Glitter sneakers can be made for any sports team in any colors.  Show your team spirit from head to toe.  I always loved Fridays during High School football season for the pep rallies!  I can't believe I never thought of making some shoes like this.
I will definitely be sporting some maroon and silver shoes this fall to support my Alma Mater, Texas A&M University as they join the SEC for an exciting season.  What could be more perfect than custom boat shoes to wear with those cute Maroon and White Dresses?

These custom Tom's shoes would be adorable with rolled boyfriend style jeans and a team tshirt!

What team are you looking forward to cheering for this fall (or maybe your favorite Baseball or Basketball team this spring!!)?  Whose colors will you be sporting?

Cobalt Cinemagraph-Style Experiment

In person, rhinestone shoes are incredibly eye catching and magical.  Unfortunately, they do not come across quite as etherial in still photographs.  Enter the Cinemagraph.  I was recently made aware of the magic of the moving photo technique and as soon as I saw what could be done with them, I knew I HAD to try my hand at them.  

In their basic form, it is a combination of a still image and a moving picture, much like the moving newspaper images in Harry Potter!!  Below is my first attempt at a moving photo and I can't wait to create more.

These beautiful cobalt blue pumps are going to be making their debut at "A Bridal Affair" Bridal Show this coming Sunday in Cincinnati, Ohio.  They would make the PERFECT "something Blue" under a wedding dress!!

So what do you think about the Moving Photo??  Should I make more?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wear it with this: Marooned

Just like the "From This...To This" post from yesterday, I'm doing an accompanying post called "Wear it With This" to share some ways that I would style the shoes.  Let me know if you'd like to see more of these!!

So if you saw yesterday's post, you noticed this fun new shoe design...

One lovely lady mentioned that she loved them but was not sure what to wear them with so I'm going to share a few outfits that I think would work perfectly with this pump!

Afternoon Out Option:
Pair these skinny taupe corduroy pants with a flowy patterned top and use the shoes as a fun accent.
Via Modcloth
Via Levis

Business Casual Option:
This shiny satin top is toned down with a textured cardigan so the sparkle in the shoe will not make the look too showy.  Remove the sweater and add a skirt with tights to turn this into an after hours look.
Via StyleWillSaveUs.com

Vintage Option:
Pair them with a Vintage or Vintage inspired dress!  These 1940s silhouettes will hit you at the knee and the rounded toe and tapered heel of the shoe will compliment the curves of the dress.
Via Daisy and Stella
Via Modcloth

Night Out Option:
These shoes will reach their full potential on a fancy fun night out.  Pair this rich green dress with some fabulous gold sparkly earrings and a bronze bracelet will tie in the colors of the shoes.  Green and gold look amazing together and the maroon will be a compliment to the forrest green of the dress.  
via Modcloth
Via Fenno Fashion
Via Fenno Fashion

Now I want to know:
Which is your favorite look?  How would you wear the shoes?  

Speak up, let me know what you think!  Am I crazy to pair a maroon shoe with a green dress? Are glittery shoes too fancy to wear every day?  Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

From this...to THIS...

I loved these Maroon Suede Rocket Dog shoes when I first saw them.  I even took note that the fit me like a glove because, well, they are A-dorable!  I love everything about them-the not too tall tapered heel, the soft fabric, the rounded but not round toe, and of course, the sweet gathered bits.  The designer definitely go it right when they created these shoe!

How to make these awesome shoes even MORE awesome?  GLITTER!
(side note: when I write the word glitter, in my head I imagine this little girl saying it just like she gleefully says "Kittens!!"

Ok, cuteness break over, back to shoes...so add some GLITTER and this is what you get...

In LOVE.  I mix all of my glitter colors to add a lot of depth and character and I love how these turned out.  The gold/coppery/maroon mix is the perfect compliment to the deep maroon suede.  They are subtle enough to be worn every day, but fancy enough to wear out for a fun night out.

Sadly, these have been snatched up (I barely had time for the glue to dry before they were bought!!) but I think they are a great example of how much of a change the glitter designs can make.

I'll be posting several more "from this...to this..." posts soon, but in the mean time, check out the GALLERY for some fun, new sparkly additions!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

We've been (Jason) Wu'd

Last week, my buddy Becky (of Pump Up the Frump fame) asked if I wanted to go on a "Shopping Safari" to brave the wilds of Target for the release of their Jason Wu Collection.  Though she ended up unable to make it, I joined Erin (of Reality Chic fame) for the event.

If you don't know of Jason Wu, the best chance of you seeing his work was on Michelle Obama at her husband's Presidential Inauguration in 2009.  Since then, he has exploded as a designer and got the attention of Target stores.
Michelle's Dress designed by Jason Wu
From the "First Ladies at the Smithsonian" Exhibit

Because of the madness that surrounded Targets last collaboration with a high end fashion label, Missoni, I felt like it would be a grand adventure to see first hand what the "opening morning" would be like.  I think this is what guys feel like when they get up for the opening morning of hunting season.

So I rolled out of bed on Sunday morning and met Erin at Target at 7:30 am.  There were three ladies (and one gent) in line already but we chose to hang out in her nice dry and warm car until the doors opened.  We were not obsessed with getting our hands on every single piece, but more there for the experience so staying in the car was no big deal.  By 7:55, the front of target looked like this:
There were maybe 25 people in line ready and waiting to go in.  Once the doors opened, we decided to head in, not wanting to be trampled by the masses.  I think the first things to go were the purses and seeing that there were maybe only 25 in stock TOTAL, I'm not surprised.  The designs were really great and looked high end.  Had I not gotten a darling purse for Christmas and had they not been white (I'd never keep it clean!) I would have been tempted.

The most interesting thing I noticed:
It was eerily quiet around the few racks of Jason Wu clothing.  No talking, just grabbing.  It seemed that most ladies were going for one piece of each in their size and heading to the dressing rooms.  Erin and I casually grabbed a hand full of pieces each and made the rounds a few times before heading to the dressing rooms. I tried on four pieces and I'll share my thoughts on each...
Jason Wu for Target
This black pleated chiffon skirt was FUN.  It is a cute length (slightly above the knee), flows nicely, and would be a great basic piece to work from.  If I didn't already have a very similar skirt in orchid purple, I would have been veeeery tempted to purchase it.  Plus, you can swish and twirl in it and that makes any skirt a winner in my book!

Jason Wu for Target
This dress looked AMAZING on Erin.  She's tall and leggy and it was adorable on her.  I, on the other hand, put it on and was quite underwhelmed.  Maybe it was because I was trying on a medium, but it was quite boxy on me and the bottom navy stripe hit me at the very widest part of my hips.  Not my best look.  The material is soft but you will definitely have to be wary of the VPL (visible panty line) because the jersey is pretty thin.  It has really lovely sheer navy trim around the sleeves and neckline that give it a higher end look.  Classy and all American, just not for me.

Jason Wu for Target
This floral number was cute.  Without the belt it is a giant tent but with the cute skinny yellow belt, it is quite flattering.  The material is soft and flowy and looks expensive.  The flowers remind me of something from the mid 90s so it has a thrift store chic kind of feeling to it.  It is a sweet dress but nothing super special.

Jason Wu for Target

I remember seeing this dress on the website and thinking it looked quite frumpy.  Even on the model it looks like a maids dress from the 50s.  Not a look I want to rock around town.  

The polka dot pattern is actually tiny black and grey bicycle wheels that are quite whimsical in person, so that caught my eye.

I grabbed the dress just to have something else to try on.  I have almost NO white in my closet, but what the heck, right?
And then I put it on.  and added a yellow belt.  and it was SO CUTE.  The waist hit me at just the right height, the length is cute, and I was smitten.  Erin tried on the same dress and...not so much.  It just goes to show you that the "JUST TRY IT ON" mantra is always the best one to follow because you never know when you'll be pleasantly (or unpleasantly) surprised.

I'm sorry Jason Wu, I'll never doubt you again (except for this dusty pink and yellow number because, well, it looks gross on almost everyone!)

The dress has some really great details that take it above and beyond Target's usual line of disposable clothes (which I love and purchase often, for the record).  The front yoke (above the bust and below the shoulders) has a sweet stitched lace detail and the pleats at the waist give a really nice kick to the skirt.  A pop of color with the mustard yellow belt finish it of nicely.  I have a few ways I want to style this dress already, one of them being with black leggings and my beloved grey low-top Converse sneakers!!

Erin and I (joined by Rachael of Style Every Day fame) finished the morning off with coffee (much needed) and breakfast at the Echo Restaurant  in Hyde Park.  All in all, I'm really glad we did this.  It was a fun adventure and definitely something I'd do again with the gals!!

Did you venture out to Target to check out the Jason Wu line?  What did you buy?

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