Monday, November 7, 2011

Happiness is...

I getting around to sharing a new Happiness is... post finally.  This covers the last few weeks of things that are making me happy!

Happiness is...

Sleeping until you wake up on your own on the weekend.  And that lovely extra hour thanks to Daylight Savings Time!

Monster marathons of "Lost" with friends, food, and beverages.  We've got 10 episodes left in the final season and should finish them all today.  I remember from when the series originally ended that a lot of people were upset that many of the questions were not answered regarding the mysteries of the island.  It is quite nice knowing this so that my expectations are low for the finale.  Then I'll be pleasantly surprised when they share more than I, right?  (Does reverse psychology really work when you do it on yourself?)

Rosie the Riveter

I recreated the id badge the women wore, I though it was so cool!

Having NO WAIT at Joanns fabric store to get yardage cut the week before Halloween.  Joann's is a handy place, it really is.  Unless its the weeks before Halloween when everyone wants to be a Costume Designer.  Or it is a weekend.  Or it is any time you need to have fabric cut and pull a little number and wait 20 minutes.  Anyone who has to go there regularly will tell you that Joann's takes forever and the people behind the cutting counter are mean or incompetent, or both.  I feel very lucky to say that the Joanns in Mason, Oh was so so quick AND the woman behind the counter was downright was a moment I'll never forget...for at least a month.

A Friday night hanging out with friends playing Giant Jenga at a Neons.  A large outdoor bar area is great in the summer, but not so bad this fall either.  They have pool, shuffle board, giant jenga, and bocce ball plus little fire chimneys dotted about to keep you extra warm.  My favorite part about knocking the jenga blocks over is joining in with half the bar yelling "JENGA!"

Countdowns to reunions...31 days till sibling Thanksgiving and 59 days till Family/Boyfriend Christmas!

Seeing your best friend marry their best friend.  I've been in four weddings between March and October and I couldn't be happier about it!  Seeing my dearest friends so happy makes me so happy.

Embracing cold weather because it means wearing a purple pea coat and cloche hats.  So far, I'm handling the 'cold' weather well.  I think the lowest temperature has been just above freezing and I did not freak out.  I know the ice is coming (I think we get very little snow and a whole lotta ice) but I've got my industrial sized ice scraper, so I'm ready!!


  1. You look like you're doing great Meg! Living the dream!

  2. I was Rosie for Halloween, too! But, I was infinitely less authentic...


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