Wednesday, July 11, 2012

GIY Party: The Glittery Gals

What is a party without amazing ladies to join you?  Each of the four gals that joined the party that evening were very different and created four very different pairs of shoes!  Since each person brings their own shoes with them to the party, its always fun to see the diversity in colors and styles.  As long as they shoes are fabric based, the sky is the limit!!

For some people, this whole project can be a little bit intimidating.  At the beginning of each Party, I take time to go through the instructions and answer as many questions as possible before you get started.  Once the glitter and glue are flying, I'm happy to help out with design tips, color suggestions, and keeping an eye on things to make sure everyone is on the right track.  

First up is Brooke.

She is a lovely gal who worked and lived with me this summer in San Diego.  When she walked out of her room carrying the shoes she intended on glittering, I couldn't help but let out a little squeal.  The zebra pattern on the body of the shoes was accented by a red leather heel and ruffle on the toe.

Because she had the red accents already present on her shoes, I encouraged her to mix in a little bit of red glitter into her black mix to pick the accent color up even more.  She did a beautiful (and speedy!) job and I know she'll be noticed wearing these newly sparkly beauties.

You can read (in her beautiful prose) about her experience at the party HERE!

 Next is Liz.

Liz not only has great taste in shoes (I LOVE the hot pink wedges she brought to glitter) but she's also one half of the incredible photography duo at Siegel Thurston Photography.  She was pulling double duty at the party running around taking all of the beautiful photos you see here as well as creating some adorable shoes.

The criss cross straps were covered in a fun fuchsia with a hit of orange.  When it came time to do the ankle straps, she decided to pump up the orange for some interest.  These shoes are right on trend for this summer with the bright bold color and I'm sure Liz looks positively adorable in them!

Third we've got Sara.

I've mentioned Sara often as she is the mastermind behind many of the styled photo shoots that include Discotoes, the design of my website, and the Summer Networking event.  You can follow her at the Urban Style Wedding Facebook page.  She brought some sweet teal satin flats, perfect for her to wear as she runs around town planning events and shoots.

Even once she was done, Sara was photographing and tweeting the evening!  I can't help but think she's created her own twist on the ruby slipper. 

Finally, here's Malori!

Malori, is both smart (she's starting her PhD in Oregon this Fall!) and stylish.  She brought a pair of well loved Tom's shoes that needed a new life.  In the end, she called them "Zombie Toms" because they came back to life!!

( will get a little glitter on you...some more than others)

What I love most about her shoes is the bold color combination that she chose.  She picked out the orange first and then made a custom silvery-blue-charcoal mix to finish.  Since the Toms have interesting seams incorporated into the design, she used those sections to divide up her colors.  These are not for everyone, but Malori will definitely rock them!

I had to include this tryptic because it just made me laugh...who knew shoe glittering require so much animation!

So!  Thats all of the fabulous shoes that were made at the first GIY party this summer! 
Do you have a favorite pair?
Are your wheels turning with the shoes that you would pick out to glitter?  
Do you want to host a party?

Leave a comment below and let me know!!

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