Thursday, April 21, 2011

Green With Envy...and Your "Sole Mate"!

Shortly after bff Linds (see 1st post!) expressed interest in her own pair of sparkly shoes, I found myself needing to jazz up a pair of bright green shoes for a play I was working on.  The designer suggested covering the shoes in the same fabric as the dress, but for several reasons this was going to be crazy to do seeing as the fabric was covered in big ol' sequins and would make the shoe look chunky.  
Chunky shoes are not cute.
Still dreaming about the image Lindsay shared, I suggested a little "sparkle magic".  Using four different shades of swarovski crystals in various sizes, I scattered them around the toe and heel of the shoe.  The effect on stage was sparkly but not obnoxious and really fun, especially when the actress walked!!

See the little plastic thingie on the heel?
THAT, my friends is called a Sole Mate.  You slip it onto your stiletto heel and it protects it (and YOU) when you are going to be walking on unstable ground.  Walking down the isle in your outdoor wedding on soft ground, you will not have to pull your heel out with every step.  We added these to the shoes for the play because there were small grooves in the floor for moving scenery and the actress did not want to get her shoe stuck in it.  They are easily removable for times when you don't want them, but I promise they are an ankle saver!!!!  

They even have several sizes to choose from based on your heels!

I am working on several ideas for DIY projects including one on PAINTING your OWN satin shoes!  Its so easy and so very beautiful!  I'd love any ideas for projects, so start thinking about what you want to learn about!


  1. Oooookayyyyy so I am seriously obsessed with these. They are BEAUTIFUL Megan, and I loooove the green. You are so talented!! :o)

  2. Yay!!! She's got a blog! Woohooo! Welcome to the blogosphere, Megan!

  3. Very cool, Megan!!! Great idea, sounds so fun!


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