Tuesday, April 19, 2011

she believed she could...

I found this image on Valentinadesign's etsy page.  Probably came across it at some point in my three week search for any and all things related to starting a page on Etsy, I don't even remember.  I loved it so much that it became an instant "favorite" (Etsy's way of giving the seller a "hey I think you're cool" sort of pat on the back).  

This quote "is so where I live" (name that musical) right now.  I have a career that is both incredibly fulfilling and terribly frustrating.  One day I have scored a year long contract to work and the next I am back to working on a show by show basis.  The jobs that work come and go as my skills are needed.  I fill in WAY too many W-2s on my taxes every year because of jumping from theater to theater.  But I love what I do and the talented people I am blessed to work with.  Because of this ever uncertain path I've chosen to take, I decided to become a businesswoman.  Eww.  Too stuffy.

Maybe businessgal.  gross
businesslady.  lame
businesschick  stupid

Maybe I'm just a person who loves to make things and loves to make things that make people smile.  

Enter sparkly shoes. I got the idea from my best friend.  I thought about it.  And I did it.  

Best friend:
Megaroo and Linds (circa...a few years ago)

wants to wear these:
Louboutins...beautiful but $$$

When she marries him:

 Or a guy that looks like him.

Because I love and adore my best friend and want her to have the most beautiful wedding she could imagine, I offered (or demanded) to decorate these shoes for her.  From there, a spark grew.  The more I told friends about my idea, the more positive feedback I received and the more it got me thinking.  

Surely there were other brides to be out there that wanted beautiful sparkling shoes but didn't want to fork over the very high price tag?

So I did it.  DiscoToes was the first name I came up with and it was just too amusing to pass up.  Etsy, Twitter, Facebook Page all set up.  Amazingly DiscoToes was still on the market.  First pair of shoes created.  Connections started.  Its on.

she believed she could, so she did...


  1. So exciting! You are an inspiration for all of us "people who like to make things that make people smile".

  2. So excited to see where this takes you!! <3

  3. This is great!!!! I'm so proud of you! I want some too...I'll go check out the Etsy page.

  4. Why didn't you have this in time for MY wedding? :( Such a great idea. Can't wait to see the pictures of everything you come up with!


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