Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Look out Elle Woods!

I am so very excited to show a sneak preview of my first official pair of DiscoToe shoes!
Shoes are "Kairie" by Jessica Simpson

The heel and strap across the toe will be embellished with "Hematite" crystals.  The great thing about these stones is that they give a dark black look but are more sparkly than the "Black" crystals.  They have a sort of silvery cast to them and will look incredible with the snake skin texture of the body of the shoe!

I used a little photoshop magic to help illustrate the finished product.  On the real-life/non-digital pair, I will use sizes 20ss, 16ss, 10ss, and 6ss crystals clustered closely together to give the most solid and sparkly look possible.  By using the many different sizes, I am able to nest them together avoiding awkward lines and holes showing the base of the shoe. 

These shoes are commissioned by Miss Lauren, a friend from college in Texas who lives on the West Coast now.  We were roommates for a (too) short time and I got to witness first hand the crazy amount of time and effort she put into Law School.  After three long years, she is finally done, and she will walk across the stage sporting these beauties under her graduation robe.  
Megs and Kulpey out on the town

I DARE anyone to have more fabulous shoes than Lauren on that stage!!  

One of the many, many things I love about this gal is that she is both incredibly smart and the life of the party.  She is beautiful and brainy, and could absolutely star in Legally Blonde Brunette, battling the law while looking fabulous.

I am so proud of your educational accomplishments, Lauren, but even more proud to call you my wifey and friend!!

I PROMISE to get Lauren and her shoes in action on graduation day!!


  1. Megan...when I find the perfect shoe, I am certainly going to send them your way...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the concept of Disco Toes and I wish much success! :)
    --Kate Gunn Pagel

  2. Kate, I would LOVE to make shoes for you! I am going to start a series on here showing shoes that I think would make great DiscoToes so maybe you'll see some that you like! I can do the shopping for you:)


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