Wednesday, May 18, 2011 Shoe Challenge

While browsing around on the internet, I discovered this little gem of a shopping site called Ruche.  They have "a vintage inspired boutique with a modern touch" and their clothing reminds me of things found at ModCloth or Anthropologie but certainly cheaper.  I drool over things from both sites but can rarely justify a purchase from them.  Ruche has a really great selection of beautiful dresses, which is where I typically go first when checking out a new site.  If I like the dresses, I'll check out the rest of the site.  After approving of the dress selection, I discovered that they also have some really fantastic footwear options that made me smile.  I've picked just a few favorites and brainstormed some fun ways to make them into DiscoToes.


This Swarovski Crystal in "Smokey Topaz" would look beautiful covering the heel or following the polka dotted pattern on the section above the toe of the shoe.  The colors would blend nicely but add something special at a closer look.


I like the smokey navy color of these pumps but I'm not loving the alligator print that outlines the top and the chunky heel.  I would cover the alligator with these "Dark Indigo" crystals.  The high contrast between the suede and the sparkle would be amazing!
Oceanside Walk Pumps $32.00 on sale


These shoes are cute enough on their own.  I love the peep toe and the floral pattern is fun but colors...they are pretty dreadful on their own.  I think three shades of pinks, "Light Rose", "Rose", and "Fuchsia"would make the perfect petal colors.  The heels could mimic the pinks, maybe fading from dark to light as they move down or be really wild and go for bright greens.  A beautiful spring bouquet for your toes.


While the final pick is not a pair of shoes, I have no doubt that the disco treatment would be really stunning on it!  The delicate pink flower details would be hi lighted with "Vintage Rose" stones placed in the centers.  So delicate and romantic!

all stone images from

Which design is YOUR favorite?  I'll take the most popular choice and turn it into a digital design for a better idea of what it would look like!

Do you have a DiscoToes challenge for me?  Send a picture or link of some shoes you've been lusting for and I'll do some digital designs for you!

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  1. I have to admit, I'm loving the purse idea... Those soft coral pink rhinestones are gorgeous!!! But the suede and alligator are a close second because I love that deep blue... Yum!

    I gotta admit, my favorite-est shoes on the Ruche site were these rainboots! LOL! Gotta love the studded bows in the back!

    Hope things are good in your world, Megan! Talk with ya soon!


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