Monday, May 2, 2011

Etsy Seller Shout-Out

I love getting packages in the mail.  The anticipation of it arriving, ripping open the packaging, and seeing the prize for the first time is just so much fun.  I've been waiting for a few days for this little gem to arrive so as you can imagine, I did a happy dance when I found it waiting for me after work!  

It is from Sweden which I think is neat.  I've never been there and it seems like a nice place.  And they have giant stamps, so thats cool.
Then I OPENED the large stamped package to find my (cracker jack-like) prize:

Yeay for stamps!!  It is mounted on a little stump, which is both cute and functional!!

I have always had a thing for stamps (of the inking variety).  I don't really understand the appeal, but I like them nonetheless.  I had a Mary Engelbreit rubber stamp set when I was little and would stamp all kinds of random things, just for fun.  I still have them.  The longevity of them is pretty amazing.
I like stamps even more when they are personalized just for me!

I did an etsy search for custom stamps and found quite a few shops that offered the service. 

But then I saw these:

The artist's name is Tyr and she is from Sweden (hence the super cool Swedish packaging).  She was easy to work with, super fast (even though she was sick!) and took my ideas and made them into the perfect design!  I sent an example of the logo I had worked up with my shoe and the two types of text and she put her own spin on it.  I HIGHLY recommend her for making a custom stamp for your business!  Her stamps would also be perfect for wedding invitations, monograms, kids names, teachers...the possibilities are endless.  Visit her blog at: to see more of her super duper cute/nerdy/funky work!

I plan on making simple and classy business cards with my stamp by embossing blank cards with my stamp.  
Like this:

The raised texture is so nice and looks like it was professionally made rather than done in your craft room.  If you've never embossed, its VERY easy and looks SO classy.  If one person leaves me a message,  I will do a tutorial on embossing.  But seriously, you have to leave a message...mainly because I want to meet you...or if I already know you, to say hi again.  Or, how about this, the first person to leave a message gets a set of embossed notecards.  So GO!


  1. I want note cards! :) Love the new stamp, so well done!

  2. so proud of you megan!!! do the tutorial! xo, vvb

  3. I want notecards!!!! If I had known you were looking for a stamp, I would have hooked you up with a friend of mine who makes custom stamps.

  4. I want one of your business cards!!!

  5. Steph, you win!
    Veronica, tutorial coming soon!
    Jennifer, the stamp was a super irrational buy that I am now obsessed with. Does your friend have a site? I do love stamps!
    Lauren, you'll get one when you receive your DiscoToes!

  6. I just cannot stand all of the coolness!


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