Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happiness is....

In case you are not acquainted with the most adorable song ever, let me introduce you to "Happiness" from You're A Good Man Charlie Brown...

Its easy to forget sometimes that we should appreciate the little things in life, to find happiness in a chewed on pencil and two types of ice I'll share my "Happiness" and would love to hear yours as well!!

--Happiness curtains so the creepers can't look into my window at night

--Happiness is...clean laundry-and not having to go down to the dank, scary basement where I'm pretty sure the furnace (if there even is one) is going to start glowing and talk to me.

--Happiness is...Being organized and having a 6 page 'to do' list at work with the pink hilighter that I use to mark things off as I finish the task.

--Happiness is...beating your football obsessed boyfriend at Fantasy Football over the weekend and being smart enough to bet Ice Cream over it.  GO SPARKLY SPARTANS!! (yes, that is my team name, and yes, I will be very sad if Michael Vick does not get to play this weekend as it will wreck my points!)

--Happiness is...Hulu and being able to watch all of the new fall premieres without cable!

--Happiness is...Finding home wherever you go.  I'm connected with the Cincinnati Area Texas A&M Club and so far have gone to a Football Game watch party and a concert with Robert Earl Keen!

--Happiness is...stopping by the garden on my way out the door to work for fresh tomatoes to nibble on with lunch.

--Happiness first out of state visitor (aka Boyfriend) coming in two weeks!

--Happiness College/Aggie Player Reunion in 4 weeks at My Best Friend's Wedding!

What is YOUR happiness lately?  
Don't be shy, let me know!!


  1. Happiness is when every Thursday is actually Friday.

  2. Happiness is getting to go Goodwill Shopping for a Zombie Girl Scout Costume!

  3. I love keeping up with your blog! Happiness is early release days at school during antique week here in Round Top!


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