Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Inspired By: A Beautiful Mess

The new year always brings about reflection in my life.  I've never been one for making resolutions, probably because I know myself well enough that I won't try too hard to stick to them.  One thing I have been thinking about a lot lately is where I want to take Discotoes.  The whole idea stared as a whim and here I am, nearing a year after the first lighting bolt idea.  I don't fancy myself a business woman, rather more of a scatterbrained creative type (I don think anyone will argue with that idea!)  What, then, does a scatterbrained creative type do to understand the big bad world of running a small business?  Well, ask for help, of course!!

via A Beautiful Mess fashion post

There are many organizations out there offering to give you small business advice, but often times it comes with a big business price tag.  I'm sure these advice givers are very helpful and worth their cost, but their services were not something I was interested.  Enter Elsie and Emma, the adorable, talented, creative, -did I say adorable- sisters behind A Beautiful Mess blog.  Besides being fabulous designers, the duo also runs a boutique in Springfield, Missouri called Red Velvet that they built from the ground up.  I am inspired and excited by their blog and store daily and was thrilled to see that they offer an E-Course in being as awesome as they are (aka running a small business).  There are 22 lessons filled with personal stories, experiences, and suggestions for starting and running a small business.  As soon as I read the first few lines of the description, I knew this was the help I was looking for!!

Floral Suitcase DIY
via A Beautiful Mess

I've gotten through lesson 5 and so far, I'm SO happy I stumbled upon this gem.  I want to be a smart business owner AND a great designer and I feel like Elsie and Emma are the perfect ladies to help me do that!

via A Beautiful Mess

Who and What are you inspired by this New Year?

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