Monday, January 30, 2012

How to wear: Nude Pumps

Nude Pumps by Discotoes (of course!!)
I LOVE my nude pumps.  Not because they are beautiful and sparkly and not because I feel like a celebrity when people stop me on the street to ask about them.  I love them because they go with almost EVERYTHING in my closet.  I recently made a pair of sparkly nude pumps for Sara from a pair of Nude Patent Leather pointed toe pumps that she had purchased to wear with a black lace dress.  She mentioned that she does not wear them often because she's not sure what to wear them with.  
To help Sara and anyone else who has not yet mastered the nude pump, below are a few ideas to get you started!
From Anthropologie
I actually borrowed this dress from a friend for an event that required a business casual outfit (or as business casual as Theater folk get) and wore simple nude pumps with it.  The pumps blend in with your leg, elongating them and making you feel like a supermodel!
From JCrew
Nude pumps with this pop of color in the jacket would offer an understated option as opposed to a dark brown or black!

From Banana Republic

From Colette Dinnigan
Most people would use a black shoe as their 'go to' for this dress but in some cases that might be too dramatic.  Nude shoes will allow the dress to be the statement and not the shoe.
From JCrew
With a bold pattern and color, keep things simple with neutral footwear.
From JCrew
From Banana Republic
One of my favorite outfits is black cigarette trousers with a mint green cardigan and my sparkly nude pumps, similar to the outfit above.  The nude shoes offer a lighter, more casual look than black shoes would.

Open Runway Blog

Just for fun, here are three lovely celebrities sporting the nude pump!  I love how they each have a bright, bold dress and understated shoe.  

What do we need to take away from this?
Nude really is the new Black!!


In case you missed them, I have SIX pairs of shoes ready for a home and a custom design...Check 'em out!

Do you have nude shoes?  What is your favorite way to wear them?

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