Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bridal in the front, Barbie in the back!!

When Erin first started talking to me about creating a pair of Custom Discotoes to gift her Bride to be BFF, I knew we were going to come up with something truly fabulous.  She explained to me a bit about the wedding, showed me the bridesmaids dresses (of which Erin is one!), and most importantly, described the Bride's wedding gown.  The bride had already chosen her Paris Hilton White Satin pumps so we had a fabulous base to work from.  

The brides gown was described to me as heavily beaded/sparkly on top with a fun and feathery skirt!! It sounds really amazing.  The bridesmaids are wearing a beautiful ocean blue cocktail dress with silvery shoes.  Our first impulse for the design of the shoe was to use blue stones to match the bridesmaids and of course, be the Bride's 'something blue'. After further consideration (and taking into account the bright pink sole that came on the bottom of the shoe), we decided that a bright pink stone, while complementing the bright blue dresses would also be more wearable in the future for this fun loving Bride.  The Indian Pink Swarovski Pink crystals were a beautiful match for the sole and I started referring to the shoes as Bridal Barbie!!
The finished shoe is "Bridal in the front, Barbie in the back"!!

I just adore the little pearl heart detail on the outside of one of the shoes!  Its such a fun little surprise and so sweet!

The Bride has been kept in the dark about the final design (She REALLY trusts her Bridesmaid's opinion!) and I cannot wait to hear of her reaction!  Hopefully in a few months I'll be able to post some photos of the beautiful Bride in her custom Discotoes.

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