Friday, March 30, 2012

Sorry Mr. Shark...

Can you believe this guy?!  Sorry Mr. Shark, but you are not laying a fin on MY Discotoes!
They probably wouldn't fit you anyways.

I had so much fun attending a social networking event with my Housemate this week at the Newport Aquarium, across the river from Cincinnati.  It has been a few years since i've been to an aquarium, but this one did not disappoint!  I want to go back when the penguins are awake and moving about as it was their bedtime by the time we made our way around to them that evening.  The dress code was business casual which was easy for the mostly male Engineers for whom the event was for.  As a guest, I went for my version of Artsy Casual as I don't own dress pants except in red and you certainly won't find a suit in my closet.  I brought out my favorite new spring time dress and some fun red and yellow accents and felt like I fit right in (or maybe stood out just enough!).

Shoes: Discotoes and Jessica Simpson
Dress: Jason Wu for Target (blogged about here!)
Red Cardigan: Old Navy
Mustard Belt: Target

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