Monday, May 21, 2012

Wild/Glittery Shoe.Re.Do

Greetings from the West Coast!  

I've settled easily into my summer in San Diego in the past few weeks.  This marks my fourth summer working at the Old Globe Theater on their Shakespeare festival.  I'm helping to build elements of the costumes for three shows but my primary project so far has been making 16 sets of custom armor for the performance of Richard III.  Its not something I've ever done, but I've had a great time working through the challenges and learning some new techniques and materials.

Besides work, I was pulled back to San Diego to be near the boyfriend.  After almost 9 months of being long distance (California-Ohio), its so wonderful to be in close proximity for a few months.  We've picked up right where we left off and I must say, there isn't much better in life than summer in sunny San Diego and a cute Cali boy to spend it with.

Of course, Discotoes came right along with me and I've got several new pairs of shoes created already!!
Today, I'm going to share a really fun "Shoe-Re-Do"!  Super cute Mommy (and Mommy to be!) Becca  had a pair of wedges that needed a new life.  
Becca, Mommy to Joshua and (coming soon!) 'Tater'

The shoes (below!) were still in good shape but Becca was ready to give them a fun and funky new life.  She gave me free reign to do what I wanted with them and when I suggested a little leopard print, she was all for it.

Since the upper part of the shoe is a suede like material, I covered it in a really fun mocha glitter mix.  I hand painted the wedge with the leopard print that matches the glitter.  I really love the transformation  and I think Becca will be such a Hot Momma rocking them around town, kiddos in tow!!

This is Becca's first peek at the shoes...what do you think she'll have to say about them?!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I'm going to be a hot mama with a sensible heel! THANK YOU!


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