Tuesday, February 7, 2012

From this...to THIS...

I loved these Maroon Suede Rocket Dog shoes when I first saw them.  I even took note that the fit me like a glove because, well, they are A-dorable!  I love everything about them-the not too tall tapered heel, the soft fabric, the rounded but not round toe, and of course, the sweet gathered bits.  The designer definitely go it right when they created these shoe!

How to make these awesome shoes even MORE awesome?  GLITTER!
(side note: when I write the word glitter, in my head I imagine this little girl saying it just like she gleefully says "Kittens!!"

Ok, cuteness break over, back to shoes...so add some GLITTER and this is what you get...

In LOVE.  I mix all of my glitter colors to add a lot of depth and character and I love how these turned out.  The gold/coppery/maroon mix is the perfect compliment to the deep maroon suede.  They are subtle enough to be worn every day, but fancy enough to wear out for a fun night out.

Sadly, these have been snatched up (I barely had time for the glue to dry before they were bought!!) but I think they are a great example of how much of a change the glitter designs can make.

I'll be posting several more "from this...to this..." posts soon, but in the mean time, check out the GALLERY for some fun, new sparkly additions!!


  1. I love it. Too bad I have enormous feet!

    1. Becky, maybe sparkles will give the illusion of smaller feet?

      Or maybe it will just tell people, "Yeah I have big ol' sparkly feet! What are you gonna do about it!?"

      I like the second choice, personally!


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