Wednesday, June 13, 2012

GIY Party: What to bring

The first Discotoes "Glitter it Yourself" party is just around the corner (have your RSVP'd yet?!) so I'd like to share some shoes that I think would be super fun to bring to the party!

The requirements for the shoes you bring are simple: bring Cotton, Satin, or Suede shoes and you'll be golden!  You need a shoe that has some texture to it because it will ensure that your newly glittered shoes will always look as good as the first day you made them.

I like to start with shoes that have some visual interest.  Straps and interesting design details will create the most unique designs.  Below are some shoe inspirations that I think would make fabulous GIY shoes!!

The two styles below are by Toms.  They are cute and casual on their own, but add a little glitter to them and you'll have something you can wear to work as well as out in the summer.

These adorable shoes are all from Payless!  So sweet!!  I love the striped flats-they would be adorable with contrasting glitter stripes, leaving some plain for extra sparkly impact.

Forever 21 offers both of these adorable sky high heels as great options for glittering.  Hi-lighting the heel and platform of the red peeptoes in a navy or silver would really make them something special.  I love the gold piping on the platforms, but adding some gold stripes to the heel would break up the big area of black and make them truly one of a kind!

Do you already have your shoes picked out for the party? 
Do you want to host a party for your friends?  

Leave a comment below and lets get a GIY party organized for you and your friends!!

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